Mop Bucket with Wringer

Everyone wants to take the most economical choices these days – buying cheaper goods, taking the full advantage of sales and making do with alternatives for more expensive luxuries. This is all good and well, except if you’re already sacrificing quality for the sake of scrimping for a couple of bucks.

This is exactly the case with mop buckets. Seeing as one can still mop floors without having a fancy bucket in tow, most homeowners will just forego buying a blue mop bucket with wringer. However, what they don’t realize is that they’re missing out on a number of advantages and earning a couple of disadvantages along the way.

So what can a mop bucket with wringer bring to an average household?

Let’s start with the obvious. This household item will make cleaning your tiled floors a lot easier. Keeping a bucket of clean water nearby when mopping up floors will make it easier to clean a long stretch of floor ahead of you. Skeptics may say, though, that this is an advantage that can be had from any other kind of mop or pail, so we move on to the next advantage.

A mop bucket with wringer will let you finish your cleaning tasks much faster than usual. If you use a pail or a plain bucket when mopping your floor, you’ll have to go back and forth from the spot you’re cleaning to the nearest bathroom or sink where you can wring out the dirty water. The time spent walking to and fro will take too much out of your busy schedule, and would be better spent squeezing out excess, dirty water right on the spot and moving on with the rest of the floor.

This type of bucket is also convertible. The wringer is usually detachable, so the bucket can be used as a simple water receptacle if need be.

The most important advantage is you reduce the chance of spreading bacteria throughout the house. When you bring a sopping wet mop back to the bathroom or the sink, you’re likely to leave a long trail of dirty drops of water on the floor, or worse, the carpet. What’s more, someone might slip due to these spills. You can avoid nasty accidents and spreading germs around the house if you have a mop bucket with wringer.

Lastly, you don’t have to carry around gallons of water if you have this kind of bucket. Since they usually have caster wheels and a handle for easy maneuvering, you won’t have back aches and muscle pains while moving a brimful bucket around the house.

With this type of bucket system at your disposal, you’ll be able to clean your house with ease and with greater pleasure.